Sometimes you are fascinated by the World, by the places. You want to travel the Earth. You want to explore the Horizon.

Sometimes you read many interesting staff, you want to remember all of those, you want to read more and more.

Sometimes you want to deeper and deeper into your fascination, into your interest. You want to research on those. You want to write. You want to publish your write ups, your books. You want to let people know what you think.

Sometimes you are pleased with your professional capabilities, You are excited by your achievements. You want to do more. Much more. You want to establish your name. Your family’s name.

Sometimes you think a lot about your enthrallment. You read a lot. You dream about those people whose books you are reading. You think how you can also be like them.

Sometimes you are speechless seeing at the beauty of the nature. You just wish you can see all those your favorite places and enjoy the magnificence.

Sometimes you are attracted to a lot of diverse things. Religion. Custom. Mythology. Pre-History. Archaeology. Auxiliary Sciences of History. Mystery. Astronomy. You want to study more. Know more. Generate more.

Sometimes you want to research on many theories, many traditional concepts and understanding. Your mind revolts. Says there are a lot of things that you don’t know. A lot of things are incorrect, around. You want to bring those into light.

Sometimes your past, your origin haunts you. You like your native more than anything. You wonder how it will be if you can live there forever.

Sometimes you want to go back to your root. You have seen some parts of the world. You have seen how people live. You have seen how people enjoy life. You have also seen your people at the grass level. You can feel the difference. You can feel their pain. You can see what they are missing. You can see what they are totally ignorant off. You want to do something for them. You want to do many things for them.


Always you feel for your family and your loved ones. You feel your responsibility. You feel your unconditional and unbound love and affection for them. You feel how alone you will be without them. You sense how hollow you are without them, without your loved ones.

You want to give everything to your family. All the luxury, all the peace, all the happy things of the World, all that you didn’t have with you, all that they deserve.


What do you do, when you have so much to do?
What do you do, when you don’t have any chance to do any of these?
What do you do, when you don’t have the resources to do any of these?
What do you do, when you don’t know what to do?