He was standing there.
Quiet, motionless, still.
He didn’t know why he was standing there.
Didn’t know what he wanted, didn’t know what he was looking for.
Didn’t know what he was waiting for.

He was just standing there.
His eyes were wordless. His lips were mum.
His face pale. His body, crumbling.
He was going down. Struggling to keep himself up and standing.
He tried find to catch something, something that would help him to stand.
But nothing was there.
He tried to hold the air, but he couldn’t.

The world around him started to vaporize.
His eyes full of tears.
He couldn’t see anything.
His life started to scroll in front of him like bioscope slides.
His heart was tearing apart.

He still was standing there.

He still is standing there.
All alone. Blank. Mousy.