I may not be so clear in my mind about who am I… or what do I exactly want in life… But some of the things I am pretty clear about myself – that
I am not deaf.
I am not blind.
Unlike most of the people I am seeing around.

I proclaim this because I have a very intense and inherent feeling and attraction towards the nature.

I decree this because unlike many people I hear the voice of the earth calling; I see the colors of the mother nature.

I state this because I constantly savor the force of the cosmos.

To me, the people who do not feel and sense this, are so unfortunate and amaurotic.


Image Credit: deviantART

Is the mere earthly things are so paramount and meaningful that you forget the actual meaning of life? You can’t see the so divine elements and milieus of the Gaia around you?

Pity, Ill-fated people.