The other day I visited a nearby Hindu Mandir (Temple).

One very interesting thing I observed. Most, if not all, God and Goddesses in Hindu Religion are properly married. And more interestingly, they are mostly worshiped together.

Has this been structurally and intentionally done to promote the family culture and bonding in India, in Hindus? If you notice, we Hindus always worship Husbands of a Goddesses, or Wives of Gods, or Children of Them, or even the Love Sentiments of Them. We even worship the husbands or wives of old sages.
Thus we have always been taught to love and adapt the family culture. We love our father, our mother, our husbands, our wives, our children. We do not wish to make part of them, anyone of them, ever.

Thus our parents live with us, always. The tradition of our old parents living separately is very non-existent in India, in Hindus.

Thus our children live with us, as far as possible. We do not leave our children on their own as soon as they are adult; irrespective of whether they can handle themselves alone or not.

We love our family, we love being together.


On the other hand.


Jesus Christ always has been alone, living alone, worshiped alone


Similar is in case of Prophet Mohammed



Buddha and Mahavir are also seen alone, worshiped alone

Is it all coincidence?
In the West, we can see boys and girls get separated as soon as they are 18. The old parents live on their own, even if they are not able to, even if they are not very well by health and wealth. We can see marriages break very soon, as if there is no respect to the marriage institution itself.

Almost similar to the other religions as well. Many of them are not married at all.

Is it because the other Religions, the Gods do not promote the family value? the marriage culture?

Is the stark difference between the societies and practices is a mere happenstance?