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Still standing there

He was standing there. Quiet, motionless, still. He didn’t know why he was standing there. Didn’t know what he wanted, didn’t know what he was looking for. Didn’t know what he was waiting for. He was just standing there. His eyes were wordless. His lips were mum. His face pale. His body, crumbling. He was…


A hanging needle. Still. Stagnant. Meaningless. Valueless. But the same needle, when vibrates, leaves its stationary state, may signal an earthquake. May signal an apocalypse.


I sometimes wonder whether men ever really truly grow up. They seem to remain little boys forever. No, I don’t wonder about it. I know it. And they always need women to make them better afterwards. That’s the balance of nature, that’s the power distribution of nature.


You can’t compete with the World. There are always better people than you. But you can always compete with yourself. To be a better person than you currently are.

What do you do?

                    Sometimes you are fascinated by the World, by the places. You want to travel the Earth. You want to explore the Horizon. Sometimes you read many interesting staff, you want to remember all of those, you want to read more and more. Sometimes you want…