“Hey there”
“How are you”
“Well I’m okay, but why are you laughing?”
“I always laugh”
“Laugh at what?”
“At everything going on around”
“What’s special is going on around? To laugh at?”
“Everything is to laugh at, don’t you see?”
“No, that’s ridiculous, I can’t fathom everything around is to laugh at”
“Then you can’t see things”
“Oh yeah? Then help me see”
“Why should I? You need to help yourself”
“So why did you come here?”
“To ask you to start seeing”
“Seeing what?”
“You ask this, that’s why you don’t see”
“Ok, right now I see only this. You appeared out of the blue, and started lecturing me, not to mention laughing at me as well”
“See? You just have given me another reason to laugh at”
“Let’s be straight, tell me why are you laughing, or just get lost”
“Well, I don’t exactly laugh, but pity you”
“Pity me?”
“Not only you, but to everybody else. You are just another representative”
“Representative of whom?”
“Of human race”
“Oh thank you, why so big complement?”
“Not a complement. Its just that you are all are same, it is just that I had chosen a random number today, and your serial came up”
“Serial? Random number? What the hell?”
“Never mind, you don’t have to understand this”
“Crazy you, so why did you mentioned this to me?”
“That is my job”
“Wonderful, now you are amplifying this”
“You are right, one who don’t understand things would surely say so”
“Ok, that’s enough”
“No, that’s only the start”
“Spare me”
“I can’t do that”
“Then be specific, and transparent, if you can”
“I can’t do that”
“Then what you can do? Apart from laughing, and doing nothing?”
“Doing nothing? It is all happening because of me”
“What’s happening?”
“Whatever happening around you, around everybody”
“Ok, you mean around the human beings like me?”
“Nothing is happening, we are fine”
“Arrgh, you again started laughing?”
“Yes, pity you”
“You mean, the pains and problems that we face?”
“And all of these happening because of you?”
“That’s goofy”
“You think so”
“And what about those peace and happiness in our lives? Are those again because of you?”
“Yes, of course”
“So why you give miseries and botherations, if you can give the truce?”
“That’s my job”
“Well, that’s very convenient, when you face a difficult question, you simply dodge it by saying that it’s your job”
“Ploying like this is also part of my job”
“You think you are too smart, eh?”
“No, I’m not”
“Then you are mad, or your employer is, whoever has given you this job”
“No, he is not”
“What do you want?”
“To throw you challenges, to make you feel pain”
“And you expect we’ll break?”
“I don’t know”
“Even more convenient”
“Whatever you think”
“If you expect we’ll crash, then that’s your false impression”
“I hope so”
“We will still win, we will still have triumph over you”
“I hope so”
“I don’t understand”
“What you don’t understand?”
“One one hand you give us agony, on the other hand you expect us to win and be at peace!”
“That’s my job”
“So you are determined not to loosen up this puzzle”
“I can’t do that”
“Ok then, let’s see who wins”
“See you at the battlefield”
“Hold on, what’s the point of all this? What you’ll gain from pestering us? Don’t say that’s your job”
“To see how much you can sustain”
“Then what?”
“To see the actual you”
“Ok, then what?”
“To see what’s important for you as a human”
“Important? For us only living gracefully and peacefully is important”
“That’s why you can’t live gracefully and peacefully”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, you want to live gracefully and peacefully, but you don’t know how to live like that”
“You always run after those aspects directly, but never bother about the actual valuables of life”
“What is valuable?”
“That is upto you to find out”
“How to find out?”
“That’s exactly the game”
“You are playing game with us?”
“You are also playing, always, most of the times unknowingly”
“At least give me something, some clues, some keys”
“Why should I?”
“So you have left us in this game, you set the rules, you change the rules, and you expect us to win?”
“No, I never change the rules, the rules were there since the very beginning”
“Beginning of what? What happened then?”
“You will find out when time comes”
“Ok, understood. You are not here to help us, only to annoy us”
“Those are the rules only”
“What you’ll achieve after all this? How it will impact you if we win? Or for that matter, if we loose?”
“If you loose, I’ll also loose”
“Yes, that’s true”
“So help us!”
“I do help you, always, in the limit of the rules”
“This is baffling, you are with us? Or against us?”
“If you are doing the right thing, I’m with you. And if you are doing anything wrong, I’m otherwise”
“How can we know what’s the right thing? Everybody in us does the right thing, from their individual point of view”
“Right is not a word that can be defined by individuals. Right is always Right, irrespective of individuals and situations”
“What should we aim for to get to that Right?”
“Ask yourself”
“You are very rigid”
“That’s my job”
“Ok, you do your job, let us do ours”
“That’s precisely what I’m doing”
“If we loose you’ll loose as well, then why do you laugh at us? That can’t be part of your job? Laughing?”
“Sometimes I laugh at your silliness”
“Are you trying to insult me?”
“No, not at all”
“What do you want now?”
“To play”
“Ok fine, let’s get started”
“It’s already started, since your very first cry”
“Yes, I know”
“What do you feel now?”
“Feel challenged”
“Good, see you then”
“Wait, who are you? Why should I trust you?”
“Never asked you to trust me”
“Who are you?”
“Good you asked. I’m Life. I’m Love.”