As a Hindu, the most amazing thing is to have so many Gods and Goddesses around. It is like you have a Minister in every department of the Governing Body.

However, this is not a very terrible thing to have. But sometimes the dilemma is, you get confused to whom you should pray generally, whom you should worship by and large. Though you have one God and Goddess in case you are looking for any specifics.

For example, if you do need money, pray to Goddess Lakshmi. If you want to pass in a certain exam and studies, pray to Goddess Saraswati. If your area is in drought, urge for rain to God Indra. If you are starting a new venture, call upon Lord Ganesh. And the list goes on.

Quite handy indeed.

But, in general, you do not have The One GOD, The One FIGURE. Though you have a Supreme Power, The PARAMATMA. However, nobody is actually worshiping that Supreme Power, because that would be a pure, unpolluted and uncontaminated homage. That would be an exercise which is not being done for a specific acquisitive object. Naturally, not very much appealing to people in today’s world.


Thus you have got big ceremonies, huge rituals to various Gods and Goddesses. Nothing wrong in that, But, we should also extol to that Supreme Paramatma, Who can bring tranquility to our lives, to this world, to mankind. That will actually remove all the differences from our society, that will enable us to be united, to be strong as a religion.